Dr Bryan Mendelson

Bryan Mendelson is the trusted name in quality aesthetic facial surgery.

His extensive experience with the sophisticated techniques required to obtain the best results has brought him international renown. His facelift technique is now taught around the world as it provides a natural, lasting result which slows future ageing and is undetectable as the result of surgery.

He is sought after by people who want to look good for their age, refreshed and natural. Most of his patients come from personal referrals from previous patients who appreciated his fastidious attention to detail and the confidence they felt under his care and judgement.

Although modern in surgical technique, his patient care is entirely ‘old school’. Coming from a medical family, he knows the importance of taking the time and getting to know each patient, so he can care for them throughout their individual and personal journey of facial surgery.

In surgery there are no compromises. Your face is what you present to the world every day. In a sense, it IS you. Aesthetic surgery should leave you feeling more confident and with greater zest in your daily life, restoring the sense of well-being that facial ageing can take away. This is something only the highest quality surgery can provide.

Bryan Mendelson operates only on the face and neck. He performs the full range of facial rejuvenation procedures as well as those designed to enhance natural attractiveness.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

The Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery prides itself on exceptional, personalised service and the highest standards of patient confidentiality. For this reason we choose not to display pre and post operative images of our patients on our website. We instead invite you to attend a complimentary pre consultation with one of our experienced Patient Advisors. To schedule an appointment contact the practice