Facial Augmentation

Enhancing bone structure

A good bone structure is the key to a beautifully shaped face. Our bones form the basis for many attributes that we find naturally appealing, like curved cheekbones, a well-proportioned brow and good jawline definition.

But a good bone structure also helps a face to age more slowly; we all know people who are fortunate enough to have a lovely bone structure and appear to age well.

Most of us are not so fortunate and have at least one area of poorly developed skeleton on our face which would benefit from a subtle augmentation.  Facial ageing will occur first in these areas - due to lack of support from the bones.

We also lose bone mass as we age, which means these areas of poorly developed bone structure will become even more obvious over the years, and will be a key contributor to the appearance of ageing for that person.

Augmenting specific areas of the facial skeleton is now a valuable part of aesthetic facial surgery and also provides a permanent solution which replaces the need for certain injectable products. It can be performed with a facelift or other anti-ageing procedure, or it can be used at any age to subtly transform a plain face to a more attractive and contoured appearance.

What is Hydroxyapatite?

If you are interested in augmentation, spend a few minutes looking at the video above. It explains why Bryan Mendelson always uses a coral product called hydroxyapatite for facial augmentation.

• Is a natural coral derived product that is almost bio-identical to human bone
• It has been established for use in orthopaedic surgery for many years
• It can be moulded to the exact size and shape required by each patient
• It has a negligible risk of post-surgical infection or inflammation

Pre-formed silicone implants have been the most commonly used form of bone  augmentation and you have probably heard of them. They are easier for the surgeon but only provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution which may not be the best for the patient.

Hydroxyapatite requires greater experience from the surgeon but the benefit is a personalised result for each face. Bryan Mendelson has been using it for over 15 years, with over one thousand facial augmentation procedures.

Where is it used?

Hydroxyapatite is particularly effective on cheeks, where it provides attractive rounded contour to flat, poorly defined cheeks. It is also used on the temple and outer brow (where it is used to  improve the appearance of the eyes), as well as building up the jawline and improving a weak chin.

Augmentation with hydroxyapatite is an example of the way a very small improvement can make a significant aesthetic difference to a face.


To help you understand more about this advanced technique, we have produced Patient Information Notes: Augmentation of the Facial Skeleton using Hydroxyapatite. If you would like a copy mailed or emailed,
please contact our practice.