In surgery there are no compromises.

Dr Bryan Mendelson.

The trusted name in aesthetic facial surgery.

Bryan Mendelson is the choice of patients who want to look refreshed and natural without any trace of surgery. He is known for his advanced techniques, surgical skills and personal commitment to patient care. His modern facelift technique is taught around the world and he is regularly invited to perform demonstration surgery at international conferences.

"Quality aesthetic surgery can lift the spirits, restoring the sense of wellbeing that facial ageing, sadly, so often takes away. But there are no compromises. Only the proper techniques, properly performed can provide a benefit that is natural in appearance and will last for years to come. Having aesthetic facial surgery is not an easy decision. It is a journey – a very personal and important one – and patients need to be carefully supported and cared for at every step, emotionally as well as physically. That is what I and my experienced staff provide"
  • Raymond Vilain Award for Best Presentation by an International Physician. Won four times.
    Awarded by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons each year for an outstanding presentation by an international surgeon. Bryan Mendelson is the only surgeon to have received this award four times.
  • Device Technologies Award for Best Presentation
    Device Technologies Award
    Awarded at the 2003 Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting
  • Mentor Travelling Fellowship Award for Best Scientific Paper
    The Mentor Travelling Fellowship is awarded at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for the best scientific paper.
  • Special Presentation to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, annual meeting Montreal
    Annual Meeting of the American Society
    Bryan Mendelson was invited to give a special presentation at the commencement of the annual meeting of the American Society, in recognition of his work in anatomical research and surgery.
  • D Ralph Millard Award for Best Scientific Paper
    D Ralph Millard Award
    Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In honour of the distinguished American D Ralph Millard, this award is for the best scientific paper and is given by the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Latest News

International Teaching Engagements 2016.  Bryan is travelling to seven countries this year, presenting master-classes, keynote presentations and live demonstration surgery at conferences in St Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Las Vegas, Warwickshire UK, Mykonos, and Kyoto

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Gray’s Anatomy is the most famous anatomy text in English. Bryan Mendelson is one of a handful of Australians asked to contribute to this classic text, recognizing his important, original research into facial anatomy and its changes during ageing. The Anatomy of Facial Ageing, appears in the 41st edition, published online in 2015.

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The real ‘Before and After’ story.

We all enjoy ‘Before and After’ photographs, but they are a very unreliable guide for those considering surgery. That’s because they sidestep the really important pre-surgical considerations.

For instance, almost all photographs show patients within weeks or months after surgery. What you actually need to know is how good will the result be in five, ten or twenty five years? Ask yourself, would looking better for just a year or two represent a good outcome for you? This is a critical ‘before’ surgery consideration and you should always look to see if any long term photographs have been provided for you to assess.

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