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In surgery there are no compromises.

Doctor Bryan Mendelson is the trusted name in quality aesthetic facial surgery.

Dr Bryan Mendelson.

Bryan Mendelson is the trusted name in aesthetic facial surgery.

Bryan Mendelson is the choice of patients who want to look refreshed and natural without any trace of surgery. He is known for his advanced techniques, surgical skills and personal commitment to patient care. His modern facelift technique is taught around the world and he is regularly invited to perform demonstration surgery at international conferences.

“ Quality aesthetic surgery can lift the spirits, restoring the sense of wellbeing that facial ageing, sadly, so often takes away. But there are no compromises. Only the proper techniques, properly performed can provide a benefit that is natural in appearance and will last for years to come. Having aesthetic facial surgery is not an easy decision. It is a journey – a very personal and important one – and patients need to be carefully supported and cared for at every step, emotionally as well as physically. That is what I and my experienced staff provide” - Dr Bryan Mendelson