In facial surgery there are no compromises.

Dr Bryan Mendelson, A.M.

The trusted name in aesthetic facial surgery

Bryan Mendelson is a specialist on the human face. He is widely known and respected for his original research into facial anatomy and the anatomical changes associated with ageing.

As a plastic surgeon, he exclusively performs aesthetic surgery of the face. His patients expect the highest quality and seek a result that is aesthetically pleasing and entirely natural in appearance.

His research on facial ageing, which appears in the online version of the classic anatomy text Gray's Anatomy and in numerous scientific papers, has enabled the development of surgical rejuvenation techniques that work in synergy with the underlying anatomy, and are able to meet people's inherent desire for a subtle rejuvenation that leaves no sign of being the result of surgery.

The emotional benefit of this approach is that patients can be freed of the common feeling of constraint and diminishing confidence that comes with the 'tired' appearance of middle age. Today more than ever before, people want to work and socialise without regard to their age, and not feel restrained or disappointed by their appearance.

Because this quality surgery is based on a proper understanding of the anatomical changes of ageing, it has the additional benefit of slowing the rate of future ageing.

In addition to rejuvenation, Dr Mendelson also performs procedures to enhance facial attractiveness for people who may naturally lack pleasing proportion, or who would like to look more glamorous. Here, as with his rejuvenation surgery, patients appreciate being able to trust his aesthetic judgement, as well as his anatomical knowledge and surgical skill.

Dr Mendelson's patients come from all countries of the world and across Australia. They know that his insistence upon quality extends beyond the highest standards of surgery to include the emotional wellbeing of every patient. Aesthetic surgery of the face is a journey, as is explained in this website, and personal care and physical wellbeing are part of that journey, from the weeks before surgery to the months after.

Dr Mendelson consults from Melbourne, Australia. He spends many weeks of the year travelling to meet the demand for his anatomical and surgical teaching, and this includes performing live demonstration surgery at surgical symposia, and teaching at courses and conferences around the world.

Internationally, he is one of the most recognised names in plastic surgery.

"Quality aesthetic surgery can lift the spirits by restoring the sense of wellbeing that facial aging, sadly, so often takes away. But there are no compromises. Only the proper techniques, properly performed can provide a benefit that is natural in appearance and that will slow future aging, to last for years to come. Having aesthetic facial surgery is not an easy decision. It is a journey - a personal and important one - and the patient needs to be carefully supported and cared for at every step, emotionally as well as physically. That is what I and my experienced staff provide."

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