Blepharoplasty Surgery in Melbourne

Blepharoplasty Surgery in Melbourne


“Do it once. Do it right.”

(One of our patients, twenty years after Tarsal Fixation upper eyelid surgery)

The surest way to avoid the ‘tired’ look of middle age is to have lively, attractive eyes.

But at a certain point – when ageing of the eyelid means that eye makeup no longer works – surgery becomes the only answer. Many of us, understandably, feel concerned about this.  After all, our eyes are so important; they are, in a sense, ‘us’.

There are major differences in the quality of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) performed by eyelid surgeons in Melbourne and elsewhere. So it’s important to think about what you want your surgery to achieve.  This is our checklist for very successful upper eyelid surgery:

A checklist for very successful eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery has to achieve many things;

  • It must subtly restore the eyelids’ appearance to before the look of tiredness began;
  • It must provide an attractive individualised result (never a surgical or one-size-fits-all appearance) and,
  • Its benefits must endure, not for a few years but for decades into the future.

In essence, the surgery must be a proper solution to the problem.

When these objectives are met, people are delighted to have their eyes ‘returned’, no longer obscured by the changes of ageing.  And they enjoy no longer being told they look tired when they don’t feel it.

Standard eyelid surgery (nip and tuck of the skin) can reduce the ageing appearance in the short term, but only the most advanced surgery can return the eyes’ natural proportions (the proportions they used to have) and retain that youthful brightness for years to come.

Our patient’s description of ‘Do it once. Do it right’ is exactly the approach that is needed for successful upper eyelid surgery. This man had advanced eyelid surgery, the Tarsal Fixation technique, performed at our Melbourne plastic surgery clinic twenty years ago. He’s still feeling an emotional lift every time he looks at his face.

We talk a lot about the Tarsal Fixation eyelid technique at our Melbourne plastic surgery clinic, but that is for a reason.  It provides the Do it right solution to ageing eyelids – its an anatomically correct procedure that restores the eyelid at the source of the ageing, so its results are inherently natural, returning your own individual and youthful proportion to your eyes.

Of course, doing anything properly takes a bit more time and effort. But the payoff is in the quality of result and having handled the problem forever.

More about Tarsal Fixation

Our patients have called Tarsal Fixation ‘the bright eyes technique.’

It works so intricately with the eyelid’s internal anatomy that it also corrects the other common effects of ageing lids, such as drooping lashes.  And it enables young people born with plain or unattractive eyes to use the surgery to improve their eyes’ attractiveness. That’s the benefit of an anatomically correct procedure – it works for any individual to improve their eyes in relation to their own unique facial structure.

Our eyelids are controlled by delicate anatomy and they perform a critical function.  Visually, any tiny difference is noticeable to others. Skin-only techniques are prone to degenerate in appearance and become unattractive, which is noticeable to others and distressing for the patient. In fact, much of our Tarsal Fixation surgery is performed on people who had this quicker eyelid surgery elsewhere and disliked the look so much after a year or two that they asked for Tarsal Fixation to correct their past surgery.

Fortunately, Tarsal Fixation can correct past poor quality surgery, but it’s much better to follow our patient’s advice and do it once, do it right.

The principles behind the Tarsal Fixation technique are essentially simple, but they take a bit of explaining. Our video has been designed to help you understand how the technique was developed to work naturally with the eyelids’ underlying anatomy. Or you might prefer to come in to see us at our Melbourne office and we’ll explain Tarsal Fixation eyelid surgery and show you some very long term before and after photos.

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