Dr. Bryan Mendelson (FRACS) Awarded For Excellence In Surgery

On May 10th 2021 as part of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 89th Annual Scientific Congress, held at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dr. Bryan Mendelson was presented with the Excellence in Surgery Award. DR. BRYAN MENDELSON FRACS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY Citation kindly provided by Dr Daniel Kennedy FRACS and Associate … Continue reading “Dr. Bryan Mendelson (FRACS) Awarded For Excellence In Surgery”

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Upper Blepharoplasty – Nuances for Success

Dr Bryan C. Mendelson was invited by Dr Guy G. Massry and John B. Holds, a leading teacher and practitioner in Oculoplastic surgery in Beverley Hills, to contribute to one of the articles to be published in the Journal, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America.   Given the central importance of the “eyes,” meaning the … Continue reading “Upper Blepharoplasty – Nuances for Success”

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Consequences of the Lockdown on Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

The finesse required of the surgeon performing facial surgery is an advanced skill comparable to that of a concert pianist! The concert pianist, rehearses for hours every day in between performances. Unfortunately, for a surgeon it is not possible to rehearse surgery if not performing the actual surgery on real patients. Cadaver dissection surgery is … Continue reading “Consequences of the Lockdown on Aesthetic Surgery of the Face”

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Live Facelift Surgery Demonstration- With A Difference

Observing a leading surgeon perform the operation for which he is renowned has become a popular way for surgeons wanting to learn advanced surgical techniques. Bryan Mendelson has been at the forefront of this method, having been invited to perform such live demonstration surgery in over fifteen cities around the world in recent years. The … Continue reading “Live Facelift Surgery Demonstration- With A Difference”

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BroadBand Light – BBL Treatment – Benefits, Before & After Care, FAQs

The Proven Patient Favourite Treatment to Regain Youthful, Healthy & Beautiful Skin!

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The Difference Between ‘Plain’ Girls and Girls With A Beautiful Appearance

When I was young and knew little about women, I was shocked when I heard my friend’s mothers comment about younger women or teenage girls, who were not beautiful, that they were ‘plain‘ Certainly, not an endearing term, but it said it all.

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Age Prevention with Dr. Bryan Mendelson, MD

Dr. Bryan Mendelson, MD discusses methods for age prevention, including surgical and nonsurgical procedures.

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What You Can Learn From My ‘Over Seventies Club’

Most women these days are aware that modern plastic surgery can maintain a persons’ attractive facial appearance.

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Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh

Patients Choice in Their Facial Rejuvenation Result The usual approach to facial rejuvenation is to reduce the extent of the ‘tired look’ that comes with aging of the face. In fact, facelift surgery is considered successful when it results in a less tired look, provided there are not tell-tale signs of surgery left on the … Continue reading “Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh”

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Is There A Best Time To Have A Facelift

The Importance of Knowing the Correct Timing

Most women these days are aware that having facial rejuvenation surgery  can significantly help their appearance.

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