Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh

Patients Choice in Their Facial Rejuvenation Result The usual approach to facial rejuvenation is to reduce the extent of the ‘tired look’ that comes with aging of the face. In fact, facelift surgery is considered successful when it results in a less tired look, provided there are not tell-tale signs of surgery left on the … Continue reading “Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh”

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Tailoring Plastic Surgery for the Individual

The story behind ‘ageing well’ I want to look less tired…  refreshed but not altered. This is the most commonly expressed sentiment of people at our Melbourne plastic surgery clinic. The fear of looking ‘altered’ stops many people from even considering surgery. And these fears are understandable because looking altered is the worst possible surgical … Continue reading “Tailoring Plastic Surgery for the Individual”

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