Tailoring Plastic Surgery for the Individual

The story behind ‘ageing well’I want to look less tired…  refreshed but not altered. This is the most commonly expressed sentiment of people at our Melbourne plastic surgery clinic.

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Facial Symmetry Surgery – Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia

People worry a lot about facial symmetry. It is actually one of the most frequent concerns of plastic surgery patients, and one we hear in our Melbourne plastic surgery office.

However, a degree of asymmetry is both completely normal and not such a bad thing. In fact, the human eye is attuned to a degree of facial asymmetry; without being aware of it we tend to find it more pleasing than absolute symmetry.

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Blepharoplasty Surgery in Melbourne

“Do it once. Do it right.”
(One of our patients, twenty years after Tarsal Fixation upper eyelid surgery)
The surest way to avoid the ‘tired’ look of middle age is to have lively, attractive eyes.

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Treating rosacea with dermal infusion

Affecting 45 million people worldwide, rosacea is a benign non-contagious skin condition that presents most commonly in women over the age of 30 with fair skin, however it can develop on anyone.

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Dr Bryan Mendelson presented as keynote speaker at ISAPS Symposium

Last week, Dr Bryan Mendelson presented comprehensive insight into his vast experience in facial augmentation and rejuvenation of the face as a keynote speaker at the ISAPS Symposium and 39th Annual ASAPS Conference on the Gold Coast.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery: survey into patient happiness

It’s a sad reality that many people with high hopes for their upper eyelid surgery end up disappointed.
We know this because so many patients visit us to have a ‘secondary blepharoplasty’ (repeat eyelid surgery), because they are so disappointed with the first surgery performed elsewhere.

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Cities and Looks

Which city does that face belong to?

Can a city or country determine the facial look that people like? Sometimes it does. Here are a few examples.

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Who We Are and What We Do

Only the best …

There’s a world of difference between mass produced products and an item of exceptional quality: consider the clothing pumped out of factories compared to a personally designed, hand-stitched dress created by skilled people, all dedicated to a perfect result.

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How to Avoid Plastic Surgery Disasters

RESCU had a chat with Dr Bryan C Mendelson from the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery in Melbourne to find out how to spot and avoid the “too good to be true” plastic surgery options.

Plastic surgery deals with the very soul of a patient, which is why it has been called ‘surgery of the psyche’ – it has as much of a mental and an emotional impact on your life as it does physical.

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Facial Augmentation

Facial Augmentation Melbourne Flat poorly defined cheeks … which can make even young people look tired or ill. A face lacking attractive shape. A weak brow that allows the outer eye to droop. A recessive chin or jawline. A good bone structure is the key to a beautifully shaped face: it is the key to … Continue reading “Facial Augmentation”

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