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Wearing a constant frown, Drooping at the outer edge of the eye, A heavy brow that sits too low over the face, An intense or angry expression.

As we age, our brow drops and our eyebrows lower, which can create the appearance of a heavy, crowded look around the eyes. Some people look as though they are frowning even when they are relaxed and this can be compounded by the appearance of deep vertical lines between the eyebrows, adding a severe, worried expression.

Many people find they benefit from injectable products that relax the brow, but these, of course, need to be repeated every few months. A browlift offers a permanent solution that effectively softens, smooths and lightens the upper face, which lifts the appearance of heaviness from the entire face.

Eyebrow Lift and Facial Appearance

Lightening the brow has a profound effect over the upper third of the face, restoring a look of freshness and a more alert, youthful expression, without the heavy, tired look. Patients often say they are delighted to no longer look intense, worried or as if they are frowning.

The procedure also improves drooping at the outer eye, age-related lines on the forehead and extreme fullness in the upper eyelids that can be caused by the lowering of the brow. The results are natural and lasting and the hairline is not altered in any way by the procedure.

Some people require only a brow lift to achieve the result they’re after, while those with more extensive ageing may benefit from including an additional procedure, such as upper eyelid surgery.

If you would like to know more about the brow lift, come in and chat with our Patient Advisors. They can answer your questions and provide experience and information, without any obligation or cost to you.

We encourage you to visit us, read our material and ask questions until you feel absolutely confident with your level of knowledge: this is the most important ‘first step’ in your personal journey of plastic surgery.

‘Younger people who have aged early and disproportionately across the brow area will find that a brow lift restores balance to their face by bringing their brow into line with their more youthful lower face – it may be the only procedure they require.’

Technique: The Critical Difference

All surgery performed by Dr Bryan Mendelson is performed beneath the skin. This is the method of all modern, advanced aesthetic surgery and is the key to the quality that now exists in aesthetic facial surgery.

Any surgical technique that relies on ‘pulling’ the skin is outdated and can produce the stretched, artificial appearance – and scarring – that has been associated with poor quality facial surgery. It will also provide only a short term result, as the skin begins to stretch under the un-natural tension.

Although facial ageing is visible on the skin, it actually arises from changes beneath the skin, in the deeper support layers. Achieving a fresher, natural look that is individualised for each patient and has lasting benefits can only be attained by correcting where the ageing occurs, and not by operating on the skin itself.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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