Consequences of the Lockdown on Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

Consequences of the Lockdown on Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

The finesse required of the surgeon performing facial surgery is an advanced skill comparable to that of a concert pianist! The concert pianist, rehearses for hours every day in between performances. Unfortunately, for a surgeon it is not possible to rehearse surgery if not performing the actual surgery on real patients. Cadaver dissection surgery is quite different and not the same!

As a consequence during lockdown without regular operating and in significant volume the surgeon’s skills suffer as has happened recently in Melbourne and most major countries in the world.

Going back into surgery means the surgeon has to quickly rebuild the rhythm of surgery while being aware of initially not being able to operate quite as efficiently and smoothly as usual. It behoves the surgeon to have a programmed return to surgery over several weeks before undertaking more complex facial rejuvenation proceeding.

With the restrictions now being eased for elective surgery in Melbourne it is possible for experienced surgeons to be returning to the skillset they had prior to the lockdown.

We are back in the rhythm at 109!

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