The Difference Between ‘Plain’ Girls and Girls With A Beautiful Appearance

The Difference Between ‘Plain’ Girls and Girls With A Beautiful Appearance

When I was young and knew little about women, I was shocked when I heard my friend’s mothers comment about younger women or teenage girls, who were not beautiful, that they were ‘plain‘ Certainly, not an endearing term, but it said it all. It seemed so unkind to typecast people because of their appearance, over which they had no say.

I felt sorry for plain girls and was secretly grateful to be fortunate not to be born a girl, as I would have hated to be plain Given one life and, with the luck of the draw, plain girls were not given the gift of beauty, which seemed to be a priceless asset. No amount of wishing or daydreaming could alter their fate.

When you analyse what makes some faces attractive and others not, the shape of the face and the quality of the complexion are significant, but most important is the look of the eyes. Most eyes look lovely, even if only with the benefit of makeup. But when they still look ordinary or insignificant when made up, what hope does that plain girl have to step outside her insignificant status!

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People fortunate to be born with naturally beautiful eyes, have usually inherited this feature from their mother. Their mother in turn tends to keep those beautiful eyes into older age, which helps her look ‘young for her age’, another revered asset. Whereas, ordinary eyes tend to lose their youthfulness at a young age, some even in their twenties. It does not seem fair for these young women that their eyes do not serve them well in the appearance stakes.

What is it that makes eyes attractive. We look into people’s eyes all the time and know attractive eyes when we see them, as they have a sparkle, they are ‘bright eyes’. Actually, the brightness of the eyes is not so much determined by the eyeball itself, but by the picture frame around the eyeball.

The frame is formed partly by the shape of the structure of the bony orbit, the eye socket. Then, within that socket area is the important, inner soft tissue frame, which is the upper eyelid. The configuration of the upper eyelid is all important. All girls who apply makeup to their upper lids have learnt that attractive upper eyelids are the basis for bright eyes.

The critical component for most bright eyes is a having a well-defined internal lid crease.  The crease is the unseen internal attachment across the lid that separates the lid into its two distinct parts: the lid proper below, just above the eyelashes and the lid fold above, coming down from the brow.

The benefit of a well-defined crease is that it maintains the skin above the lashes in good tone, ie. smooth and even, not loose, or even worse crêpy. A good crease also regulates the lid fold of the upper part of the lid, which is the important and expressive part of the inner lid frame.

An attractive lid fold has a generous fullness and rounded shape and is parallel to the lid margin at the lashline, unlike the flaccid curtain that it tends to deteriorate into, with aging.

Fortunately, the appearance of the lid can be improved by upper eyelid surgery (called blepharoplasty). Because this procedure provides the opportunity to change the plain appearance, undetectably and permanently, the best result should be objective. Bright eyes should be the result and with that the whole face tends to assume a more attractive look.

To obtain that attractive lid look requires the formation of a proper, internal lid crease, which is not part of a standard blepharoplasty.

Standard blepharoplasties, by contrast, are rather quick and easy procedures, that obtain a few years improvement. They are the basis for the term ‘nip and tuck” and are the correct procedure for the less discerning person looking for the quick and easy option.

To change the internal eyelid anatomy to the type that people with beautiful lids were born with requires an advanced technique of upper lid surgery, called the tarsal fixation blepharoplasty. Once done, it becomes as if you were born with bright eyes and with all the benefit that flow from having bright eyes, and stay that way to slow the appearance of facial aging.

Tarsal fixation is the only way for the younger person wanting bright eyes. As the result is obtained without a scar and the surgery does not need to be repeated, there is nothing to be gained by waiting until older. The correction can be done when young for the maximum enjoyment of the benefit of bright eyes now.

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