April News

Bryan is travelling to seven countries this year, presenting master-classes, keynote presentations and live demonstration surgery at conferences in St Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Las Vegas, Warwickshire UK, Mykonos, and Kyoto.

In St Petersburg the hugely successful three-day course ‘Bryan Mendelson: Innovative Methods of Facial Rejuvenation’ was completely sold out, with 130 surgeons travelling to attend his lectures on facial anatomy and ageing and to observe his facelift and eyelid (tarsal fixation) technique, and his use of hydroxyapatite for facial augmentation.

In Kyoto, Japan, in October 2016 he will be presenting a special ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) master-class on ‘The Anatomically Evolved Facelift.’

In Mykonos, Greece, in June 2016 he will present four papers to ISAPS members on upper eye lid surgery, understanding the role of bone loss in facial ageing and its correction, understanding facial anatomy and the Limited Dissection facelift technique.

He will also be in Australia as a keynote speaker at the ISAPS symposium on the Gold Coast in October, on the subject of facial augmentation and rejuvenation of the face using Hydroxyapatite.

For more information about Bryan Mendelson’s teaching courses and demonstrations in 2016