Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Melbourne

Laxity around the eyes,
Sagging, drooping eyelids Looking tired,
Eyes that were once lively and bright, now dull and flat

Upper eyelid ageing is probably the most common problem of middle age. It’s certainly the main contributor to that much disliked look of tiredness that comes with ageing.

Eyes that once added liveliness to the face now appear flat and dull, having lost their expression under a layer of droopy skin. The cause of the problem is laxity of the internal structure of the eyelid, which sags with age and causes the skin to droop rather than sit, neatly tucked away in the fold above the eye.

Internal Fixation – The Lasting, Natural Technique

Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) restores freshness and life to the eyes: some of our patients who have been enjoying its benefits for over twenty years, call it the ‘bright eyes procedure.’

The aim of upper lid surgery is to bring the skin back to where it was pre-ageing, when there was a nice, clean fold above the eye. Using the technique known as ‘Internal Fixation’, the skin is gently returned to its previous position, by recreating the internal fixation that held it in place during youth. The eyelid skin itself is not stretched or removed.

The result is lasting, entirely natural and provides a highly individualised result, as the natural shape of the eye forms the basis for the internal fixation. There is only one small incision, carefully concealed in the eyelid crease, which is undetectable within four months, even when the eyes are closed.

The longevity of the Internal Fixation procedure is due it taking effect beneath the skin, and not on it. Any procedure that pulls or removes excess skin in this area (as all areas on the face), will lead to distortion and short term results, as the skin stretches over time, and is not recommended.

We have detailed information notes about Upper Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) available for our patients. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact us. We encourage you to read, visit us and ask questions until you feel absolutely confident with your level of knowledge: this is the most important ‘first step’ in your personal journey of plastic surgery.

‘Surgery to the upper lids restores an attractive contour above the eye, so the shape is revealed again and the eyes look bright and full of life. Importantly, no skin is stretched in this delicate area, so the result looks natural and lasts.’

Technique: The Critical Difference

All surgery performed by Dr Bryan Mendelson is performed beneath the skin. This is the method of all modern, advanced aesthetic surgery and is the key to the quality that now exists in aesthetic facial surgery.

Any surgical technique that relies on ‘pulling’ the skin is outdated and can produce the stretched, artificial appearance – and scarring – that has been associated with poor quality facial surgery. It will also provide only a short term result, as the skin begins to stretch under the un-natural tension.

Although facial ageing is visible on the skin, it actually arises from changes beneath the skin, in the deeper support layers. Achieving a natural look that is individualised for each patient and provides a lasting result can only be attained by correcting where the ageing occurs, and not by operating on the skin itself.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”