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Modern Facelift Surgery

For many, the word ‘facelift’ still conjures up unfortunate images; stretched, unnatural looking faces and people desperately trying to look young.

We need to put these images firmly aside. Modern, advanced facelifts are totally different to the past. They are the perfect procedure for people who want to look naturally fresh and ‘good for their age’.

Our facelift patients are busy people living productive lives, who dislike seeing the ‘tired’ look of middle age in the mirror. They know others see that tired face too. This mismatch between who they feel like and what they look like has led to increased self-consciousness and reduced confidence.

To naturally refresh a face in a way that looks entirely natural and provides a lasting benefit requires the most advanced surgical techniques and skills: it is something the ‘skin pulling’ of the past could never achieve.

‘It’s natural to be reluctant about having surgery. But when people realise that modern, advanced techniques can reduce the look of tiredness without any trace of being ‘operated on’, they immediately see how this would increase their enjoyment of life.’ 

How Does Modern, Advanced Facelift Surgery Work?

Modern, advanced facelifts operate on the support layer of the face, beneath the skin. This is where (as we now know) facial ageing originates. It might look as if your skin has sagged, but actually it sits on a sagging support layer – and that is where the correction needs to take place.

The surgery gently restores this layer to its former position (before it sagged) and this brings the skin above it naturally into position. Nothing is stretched and the youthful contours of the face are restored: clarity around the eyes, attractive fullness over the cheekbones and clearer lines along the jaw and upper neck.

Because there is no stretching or pulling on the skin, the benefit is lasting and it will even the slow the rate at which your face ages in the future.

In the past, this advanced surgery required longer recovery time but recent advances mean there is minimal bruising or swelling after surgery, allowing you to get back to your life sooner.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Looking good for your age … naturally without any trace of surgery and with beneficial results that last into the future.