Facial Symmetry Surgery – Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia

Facial Symmetry Surgery – Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia

It is a common misconception that all people should have perfect facial symmetry. The truth is a degree of asymmetry is both completely normal and attractive. In fact, the human eye is attuned to a degree of facial asymmetry and subconsciously we tend to find it more pleasing than absolute symmetry

As people age, facial asymmetry naturally becomes more pronounced, and this leads many clients to visit pay a visit to their trusted plastic surgeon in Melbourne.

Facial symmetry and beauty   

Facial symmetry has long been associated with attractiveness. This often relates to the way perfect symmetry exists in nature which is perceived as absolute beauty. However, with the digital technologies available these days, facial symmetry can be easily conceptualised. New research involves taking a full-face photograph of a famous face and dividing it into two. Then, using a composite of two left or two right side images a new portrait emerges with one side just like a mirror image of the other.

Most would expect the absolutely symmetrical portrait to be perfect, except that it isn’t. These images, show how much more pleasing a normal face looks (in the centre) before perfect symmetry has been imposed upon it.

The images at each side show the effect of ‘mirroring’ either the left or the right side of the face to achieve an image of perfect symmetry. The middle image is unaltered, showing naturally existing asymmetry.

Facial asymmetry occurs because our faces naturally have a dominant and a less dominant side. For most people the left is less dominant; their left eyeball is lower and deeper set, their brow is lower and their left cheekbone has less projection. According to renowned Australian Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan Mendelson, “the cheeks are sisters but not twins.”  And the same can be said of many other parts of the body when comparing the two sides.

Facially, we’re attuned to this difference, so when we watch a newsreader on television we tend to look into their right eye. Those portrait painters of the past tended to show their subjects with the weaker, left side slightly forward. We naturally look into the dominant side of other people’s faces, especially the eye. This normal degree of facial asymmetry makes sense to our human eye.

In youth our facial asymmetry is not so apparent. Facial asymmetry tends to reveal more as we age. The reason for this, is because facial ageing is affected by bone projection and placement, which determines the position of the facial tissues. As such, on the less dominant side (with the weaker bone structure) these tissues will sag more and the naso-labial fold (nose to mouth) will deepen more.

When you catch your reflection and notice obvious facial asymmetry this can feel quite jarring. Wanting to restore some balance to your face is understandable and this is why facial asymmetry surgery is a viable option.

How can a plastic surgeon improve facial asymmetry successfully?

Exploring your options of facial asymmetry surgery in Melbourne is important if you are considering taking the next step.

Obviously, there are the fixed or permanent facial features which cannot be changed, such as the position of the eyes, shape of the head and general bone structure. It is therefore, changes to the subtle folds and curves in the face that tend to make the most difference in appearance.

The recommendation for facial asymmetry surgery will be to create the illusion of symmetry, and this is where expertise and a talent for aesthetic balance comes into play.

The aim of facial asymmetry surgery is to instil a sense of balance without compromising the attractiveness of the individual face (as in the above photo example). Today, in aesthetic facial surgery, experience and aesthetic judgement is required by the surgeon to achieve a natural and attractive look that takes into account the face’s natural asymmetry.

Choosing a facial surgeon

Your face is your signature and unlike other body parts, it is always on show. Selecting a top plastic surgeon in Melbourne to undertake your facial asymmetry surgery will hold you in good stead.

Sophisticated facial asymmetry advancements allow you to achieve amazing face lifts and rejuvenated appearance with minimal downtime.

Dr. Bryan Mendelson has been performing facial asymmetry surgery in Melbourne for decades, resulting in enhanced beauty and confidence in his male and female clients. Be it slight, natural looking changes or more pronounced facial surgery, Dr Mendelson can offer his professional and personalised advice.

For information about facial asymmetry surgery as well as aftercare information, get in touch with Dr Bryan Mendelson for a no-obligation consultation at The Centre for Facial and Plastic Surgery on 03 9826 0977 or email Leanne@bmendelson.com.au

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