Factor 4

Factor 4.

A collagen-stimulating serum treatment
What is Factor 4?

Known by some as the ‘Vampire Facial’, Factor 4 is a skin treatment that significantly boosts the body’s own growth factors to stimulate collagen production. It received the Vampire name because it uses a small amount of the patient’s own blood, carefully treated, to deliver this result.

The benefit is improved skin tone, texture, brightness and elasticity, and a reduction in fine lines, crepiness, pores, scars, laxity and sagging.

How does it work?

Firstly, a small sample (10-20 mls) of your blood is taken. The blood is then specially treated (incubated, spun and filtered) to produce a concentrated, highly refined serum that is four times richer in growth factors than the original blood – hence the name ‘Factor 4.’

We then perform medical skin needling (also known as CIT or Collagen Induction Therapy), which is a minimally invasive treatment designed to create ‘micro injuries’ to the skin. We use a fractional dermal-needling device so don’t worry, there is no damage to the surface of the skin and it’s pain free. The tiny micro-injuries activate the body’s own wound healing process so it releases growth factors, thus stimulating the production of healthy tissue, that is, collagen and elastin.

After that, we treat your face with your own Factor 4, which stimulates the skin to produce more growth factors and increases the collagen and elastin produced in the treated area.

Where can I use it?

Factor 4 treatment can be used wherever you need it. Obviously most people have it on their face, but it can also be used on the décolletage, front and back of the neck, forearms, stomach, inner thigh and even on the back of your hands.

How many treatments?

After your blood has been harvested, you have four treatments with an interval of one to two weeks between each. During that time we supply you with all the pre and post treatments creams you will need, specifically chosen from the Environ Skincare range. We also supply mineral-based make-up by Mineralogie to use during your Factor 4 treatment to ensure the efficacy of the treatment results.

Not sure about using blood?

Factor 4 is what is known as an ‘autologous conditioning serum’ (ACS). What this means is that the product is taken from you and used on you, with nothing added. It is your own body product delivered to another site on your body.

You are not using any other blood products, which minimises any risk of adverse reactions and infection.

To enquire about Factor 4, please contact the office or email Natasha Skincare@bmendelson.com.au