Internationally Recognised Australian Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Bryan Mendelson

Although he is an Australian Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan Mendelson is internationally recognised as an authority on the face, especially of the unique anatomy leading to the changes that occur with aging and of advanced facial aesthetic surgery. His contributions to contemporary understanding of facial anatomy are published in the leading plastic surgery journals. He has authored over fifty original scientific papers, several of which are considered classics in their field as well as Chapters in Plastic surgery textbooks He has also given over one hundred and fifty presentations, including Keynote Lectures and Masterclasses to plastic surgeons in most parts of the world.

In 2015, his original research into the anatomy of facial ageing was recognised by the classic anatomy textbook, Gray’s Anatomy. Importantly for patients, this research has led to the development of highly advanced surgical techniques that inherently provide individualised surgery, tailored according to each patient’s requirements. The results are subtle, natural and lasting.

It is significant that, because of this mastery, Dr Mendelson is one of the select few Plastic Surgeons in the world invited to perform live demonstration surgery of his facelift and eyelid surgery techniques to audiences of surgeons in many major centres, including Milan, Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid, Dallas, Calgary, Istanbul, Bangkok, Moscow and Taipei and, in March 2016, St Petersburg, as part of a three day course based exclusively on his research and techniques.

He is a past President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and has been a Visiting Professor at twelve surgical conferences and teaching establishments, including the Mayo Clinic in the USA. He has been extensively recognised by his peers and is visited by many dedicated surgeons every year keen to learn more about his techniques. At the next biennial ISAPS Congress in 2018 he is one of only 5 Plastic Surgeons invited to present  a Masterclass on Facelifting.