Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh

Looking Less Aged Versus Looking Positively Fresh

Patients Choice in Their Facial Rejuvenation Result

The usual approach to facial rejuvenation is to reduce the extent of the ‘tired look’ that comes with aging of the face. In fact, facelift surgery is considered successful when it results in a less tired look, provided there are not tell-tale signs of surgery left on the face. There are limitations inherent in the often used standard surgical techniques, that make it difficult for the surgeon to further reduce the look of tiredness beyond a certain point, before also starting to obtain unwanted aspects, the pulled tight look with flattening of the cheek.
This is because the traditional techniques are performed at a superficial level, to pull the skin tight. To an extent, this process effectively camouflages the aging changes of the deeper support structures, which are responsible for the look of aging, as distinct from correcting them. Superficial techniques are still performed to this day as they are less demanding of the surgeon ie. less surgical expertise is required and only a basic knowledge of the anatomy, which is specifically avoided. While many people are happy to have a degree of superficial improvement, they are usually unaware of just how much better they could be looking and how much more lasting the benefit if they had a quality facelift.

These superficial facelifts are appealing for their attractive short term benefits. Often distinguished by their catchy names, such as a lunchtime lift, the shorter operating time allows for less expense, and to an extent, a shorter downtime.

Using the quality of advanced facelift surgery, the look of the face can be positively refreshened to regain that missing, vitality of youth, not just diminish tiredness. Because the correction takes place directly where the aging changes occur, ie. on the weakened deeper support structures of the face, the rate of future aging is slowed so that the refeshened look is long lasting. Obviously, the best way to look young for your age is to slow the rate of facial aging. The other major benefit of this type of real correction is the inherent avoidance of requiring to be overdone initially and the avoidance of the visible stigmata of a facelift such as the stretched and flattened tight look.

These days, provided correct information has been obtained, a person has a choice for their future. It is not just whether to do something about the distressing appearance of facial aging, it is what to do about it.  To appear less tired for a while, or to look positively fresher and for the benefit to be lasting by slowing the rate of aging.


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