Mid Cheek Lift

Mid Cheek Lift Surgery Melbourne

Change to the mid cheek … is one of the most obvious signs of ageing. The mid-cheek should be smooth and gently rounded and not crisscrossed with the grooves and pouches of ageing.

When you look closely at the faces of young, middle aged and older people, you’ll notice that one of the main differences is change to the mid-cheek. Young people have smooth skin under their eyes, a nice roundness over their cheekbones and an attractive firm surface that extends right down to the edge of their mouth and their jaw.

In older people this area fragments, with deep grooves appearing over the cheekbone, sagging under the eyes and laxity that extends down the cheek right down to laxity over the jaw and the edges of the mouth. This is a result of ageing of the mid cheek – essentially the sagging of the main cheek muscle that pulls down the under-eye area above it and pushes down on onto the mouth and jawline below.

How is A Mid Cheek Lift Performed?

A mid cheek lift gently restores the position of the support layer of the face (beneath the skin) to a more youthful position. The cheeks look smoother, higher and rounder. The junction between the lower lid and the upper cheek is smoothed, and lower lid bags and wrinkly skin beneath the eye is corrected. The effect even extends to the corners of the mouth, reducing the appearance of ‘naso-labial grooves’, those deep lines from the edge of the nose to the outer mouth.

The effect is subtle but imparts freshness to the whole face. In fact, the mid cheek is so significant to the overall appearance of the face, that freshness here can over-ride the appearance of ageing elsewhere.

We often suggest some augmentation of the cheekbone with hydroxyapatite while performing a mid cheek lift, to optimise the result. This is especially beneficial for younger people who have early ageing of the mid cheek – which is often the result of a poor underlying cheekbone structure. You’ll find more information about this in facial augmentation.

We have detailed information notes about the mid cheek lift for our patients. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact us. We encourage you to read, visit us and ask questions until you feel absolutely confident with your level of knowledge: this is the most important ‘first step’ in your personal journey of plastic surgery.

“Ageing of the mid cheek can occur quite early for some people, especially if their cheekbone structure is poorly developed. A mid cheek lift can provide a disproportionate benefit for these people, as well as for older people.”

Technique: The Critical Difference

All surgery performed by Dr Bryan Mendelson is performed beneath the skin. This is the method of all modern, advanced aesthetic surgery and is the key to the quality that now exists in aesthetic facial surgery.

Any surgical technique that relies on ‘pulling’ the skin is outdated and can produce the stretched, artificial appearance – and scarring – that has been associated with poor quality facial surgery. It will also provide only a short term result, as the skin begins to stretch under the un-natural tension.

Although facial ageing is visible on the skin, it actually arises from changes beneath the skin, in the deeper support layers. Achieving a fresher, natural look that is individualised for each patient and has lasting benefits can only be attained by correcting where the ageing occurs, and not by operating on the skin itself.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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