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Neck & Lower Face Lift Procedures in Melbourne

The ‘dreaded jowls’, Laxity along the jawline Grooves and creases around the mouth.

The appearance of ‘jowls’ is one of the most dreaded aspects of facial ageing. For those with a family history, the appearance of jawline laxity associated previously with a parent or grandparent is a moment of particular dismay. But where there are jowls, there will also be laxity and downward lines forming around the nose and mouth.

The Premasseter Lower Facelift also offers a solution for younger people who were born with an overly full or poorly defined neck, which can detract from an otherwise attractive face. Because the results are lasting, the technique can be performed at a younger age and provide benefits into the future.

The Premasseter Lower Facelift

The Premasseter Lower Facelift is a new advance, allowing a natural and attractive restoration of a part of the face that had, in the past, been resistant to aesthetic improvement. It requires excellent surgical skills and expertise in anatomy, and so it is only performed by a few elite surgeons.

It is performed in the deeper facial anatomy along the side of the neck, where it firms the area from the jowls to the corner of the mouth and provides support for any tissue laxity in the upper neck., providing a cleaner jawline, and an improvement across the entire lower face and neck.

The result is natural in appearance, and lasting. It also slows the rate of appearance of future ageing in that area.

We have detailed information notes about procedures for the neck and lower face for our patients. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact us.

We encourage you to read, visit us and ask questions until you feel absolutely confident with your level of knowledge: this is the most important ‘first step’ in your personal journey of plastic surgery.

“The neck and jawline can be restored to a attractive contour, showing clean definition between the face and the neck. The procedure also tidies’ the area around the mouth, reducing the creases that make the mouth look compressed and downcast.”

Technique: The Critical Difference

All surgery performed by Dr Bryan Mendelson is performed beneath the skin. This is the method of all modern, advanced aesthetic surgery and is the key to the quality that now exists in aesthetic facial surgery.

Any surgical technique that relies on ‘pulling’ the skin is outdated and can produce the stretched, artificial appearance – and scarring – that has been associated with poor quality facial surgery. It will also provide only a short term result, as the skin begins to stretch under the un-natural pressure placed on it.

Although facial ageing is visible on the skin, it actually arises from changes beneath the skin, in the deeper support layers. Achieving a fresher, natural look that is individualised for each patient and has lasting benefits can only be attained by correcting where the ageing occurs, and not by operating on the skin itself.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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