Radiant, healthy skin reflects your own inner vitality. It is one of the best ways to look young for your age – at any age.

Our Melbourne Skin and Injecting Clinic is designed for the exclusive benefit of our patients and friends. Members of our extended ‘Mathoura Road family’ are welcomed back to the safety and tranquillity of our much-loved office, where they can continue their facial care using non-surgical skin treatments that have been carefully selected by us for their safety, research and proven results.

During the past 20 years, our Melbourne skin clinic has been the first to introduce many of the latest therapies, treatments and products from around the world, and we constantly update our technology and products to provide only the highest quality with the latest research.

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Skin Care Clinic Melbourne

“Skin care is all about the individual. Spending the time to give professional and personalised care and advice is the way to ensure every client is more than satisfied with the result." - Natasha Laouta, Dermal Clinician

Our Melbourne skin clinic provides a wide range of advanced non-surgical options for facial skin rejuvenation, nourishment and skin health.

Natasha Laouta, our Dermal Clinician, has over twenty years of industry experience. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies from Victoria University and is a full and active member (and past secretary) of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC).

This means she is trained to the highest level to administer and assist in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, including medical, aesthetic, cosmetic skin care treatments, as well as the operation of laser and electrical based equipment. Her skills are used in the clinic to assist post-operative healing for our surgical patients, and to provide advanced aesthetic and skin care treatments for our non-surgical patients.

Natasha has also worked extensively in clinics and spas (including a Thalassotherapy Centre in Europe) where she learnt a wide range of skills, including unique facial and scalp massage techniques that now form a relaxing adjunct to her treatments, which are much appreciated by her clients.

Natasha offers new clients a skin consultation that includes a skin health assessment, identification of your skin concerns and discussion regarding the most appropriate treatments and products for your skin type. A consultation fee of $80.00 is charged, however the fee is redeemable if you choose to proceed with treatment or purchase product.

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Skin Treatments Melbourne

    Gentle on the skin, Dermal Infusion has a powerful proven ability to correct the effects of ageing, rosacea, pigmentation, acne and other conditions. It works by infusing the skin with specific vitamins and nutrients to help it function optimally.


    A well-recognised method of treating unsightly visible capillaries, spider veins, cherry angiomas and skin tags, using a high frequency electric current.


    Removes unsightly pigmentation on the skin, such as sun and age spots using focused, broad-spectrum light applied to the skin. The wavelength is attracted to melanin and travels through the skin until it strikes a pigmented lesion, and encourages the skin to respond by getting rid of the pigmented region. Most people require 2-4 treatments at monthly intervals and maintenance treatments may also be required.


    This is used to remove unsightly blood vessels. Focused, broad-spectrum light is applied to the skin and the wavelength is attracted to haemoglobin, travelling through the skin until it strikes the blood vessels, encouraging a response which eradicates the vessel. Most people require 2-4 treatments at fortnighly intervals and maintenance treatments may also be required.


    This is a popular use of IPL. Focused, broad- spectrum light is applied to the skin. The wavelength is attracted to melanin in the hair follicle and travels through the skin until it strikes the hair. The heat damages the hair follicle and makes it unable to produce another hair. Most people require 6-8 treatments and maintenance treatments may also be required.


    This non-thermal treatment is designed to boost skin cell repair, healing and regeneration, it stimulates the production of the essential cellular energy that human cells require to function and communicate, making it useful in the alleviation of pre and post-operative swelling and pain. We provide a series of complimentary sessions to all our surgical patients immediately post surgery and also offer packages -2 per week is recommended for rejuvenation benefits.


    Combining advanced crystal free microdermabrasion, vacuum technology and customised liquid products this luxurious treatment provides a gentle and effective exfoliation that leaves skin visibly soft, radiant and glowing. Hydrodermabrasion is a more effective and gentle system than typical microdermabrasion devices as it stimulates the circulation without irritation, leaving skin plumped, hydrated and looking fresh and polished.


    For our surgical patients, we provide complimentary nutritional advice and guidance for health of skin, along with a variety of treatments to enhance the recovery, such as Low Level Light Therapy /LED and Manual Lymphatic Draining.


    Peels can greatly improve the appearance of ageing skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, sallow complexion, acne, scarring and stretch marks. Each peel is individually chosen dependent on skin needs, working at various depths from light superficial to deep dermal.


    Lymphatic drainage after surgery is extremely beneficial for reducing post- operative swelling and inflammation, and is provided to all our surgical patients on a complimentary basis. It helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, whilst removing local toxins and lymphatic fluid accumulation.


    A thorough diagnostic skin analysis, and a Prescriptive facial will be uniquely designed for your skin type and condition. Prescriptive facials offer a highly effective and individualized facial treatment while you enjoy some relaxing "time-out".


    Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), improves the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring, skin tightness and stretch marks, as well as providing all-round rejuvenation. It can be performed on any part of the face or body. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses MDerma (a fractional dermal-needling device) to create micro injuries to the skin WITHOUT damaging the surface of the skin. These micro-injuries activate our natural wound healing process to release natural growth factors, thus stimulating the production of healthy tissue - collagen and elastin. This treatment can be greatly enhanced by using it in combination with FACTOR4.


    Is used in combination with medical skin needling treatment, to feed the treated area with potent growth factors. Factor4, an autologous conditioning serum (ACS) is a highly concentrated and superrich blood serum - extracted from the patient’s own blood that contains 4 times more growth factors. Before the procedure, a one off appointment is scheduled to obtain a small amount of the patient’s blood which is harvested by using advanced technology and stored ready for the next 4 appointments. When the resulting rich serum is applied to the skin needled area, the skin regenerates by producing new collagen and elastin.
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  • Venus MP2 Skin Tightening And Cellulite Reduction.

    This non-invasive treatment delivers impressive results for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite improvement. Multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulses cause a thermal response in the tissue, which activates the body’s natural healing response. This causes new collagen to form, new elastin fibres and the production of fibroblasts to increase. The existing collagen in the skin also contracts (causing the skin to look and feel firmer) and the elastin fibres unravel (making the skin more elastic). Most people require a course of 6-8 treatments for the face and 8-10 for the body, at 1-2 week intervals.

Skin Products at the Skin Care Clinic

Skin naturally regenerates, heals and grows new cells, but it does this best when the correct nutrition is available to it. We use a variety of skin care ranges and that allows us to choose the particular products most suitable for your needs. We aim to work with the skin’s natural efforts to create a healthy state by encouraging it to repair its imperfections with minimal irritation or inflammation.

  • Environ

    Developed by a successful plastic surgeon, the Environ range is the result of constant and extensive research into healthy, beautiful skin

  • Aspect Dr

    Aspect Dr is an Australian owned ‘physician’s only’ range that uses organic and naturally derived active ingredients

  • Cosmedix

    CosMedix is a pure, dedicated and chirally correct range, using the most natural and effective ingredients

  • Results Rx

    Results RX is a progressive and concentrated ‘physicians only’ range

  • Skinmedica

    SkinMedica has developed advanced skin care products for anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, which promote cellular regeneration.

  • Prescription Only Skin Products

    These are available to our clients, where required, following a skin consultation and assessment

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Injecting Nurse - Nuala Naughton

Nuala Naughton is our longest standing practice member. Nuala is Dr Mendelson's practice nurse before focusing in aesthetic injecting and has become one of the most respected injecting professionals in Australia.

With twenty years of experience, Nuala has well-deserved reputation for aesthetic judgement. She helps her clients to look fresher and younger, providing a subtle 'well rested' appearance, or she can provide a more glamorous enhancement if required, but she never produces the ‘overdone’ look that can occur with less experienced injectors. In addition to her experience, she also regularly attends conferences to ensure her skills are updated.

If you would like to know more, Nuala offers a complimentary consultation where you can discuss what you would like to achieve, the treatment options she suggests, fees, and any possible downtime that may be required. If you’d like to proceed, this can be done on the day.

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There are two main injecting treatments: wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. Both require an experienced injector with a fine degree of aesthetic judgement, and only the highest quality and safest product.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Made from purified protein, muscle relaxing injections have the ability to relax the specific facial muscles that create fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful, fresher appearance and reducing or eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The most common conditions treated by wrinkle relaxing injections are:

dotCrow’s feet
dotHorizontal and vertical lines on the forehead
dotPtosis (drooping) of the eyebrows
dotFine lines around the mouth and lips
dotGummy smile
dotExcessive sweating (Hyperhydrosis)
dotTemporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ)
dotTeeth grinding

Dermal Fillers

As we age, the natural volume of our youthful skin begins to diminish as wrinkles and folds develop. Dermal fillers instantly restore the skin’s volume and smooth away deep lines and facial creases.

They provide a variety of benefits, the most common of which are:

dotSoftening of the nasolabial folds (the crease that runs from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth)
dotSoftening of marionette lines (the folds that extend downwards from the corner of your mouth)
dotIncreasing definition of the lip border and increase in lip volume
dotSoftening of lipstick bleed lines (‘smoker’s lines’ that run vertically around the mouth)
dotSoftening of deep forehead lines
Providing volume to soften hollowing of the lower lids
Providing volume to enhance flat or undefined cheeks
dotTreating fine lines on the décolletage
dotRejuvenating aged hands
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