Upper Blepharoplasty – Nuances for Success

Upper Blepharoplasty – Nuances for Success

Dr Bryan C. Mendelson was invited by Dr Guy G. Massry and John B. Holds, a leading teacher and practitioner in Oculoplastic surgery in Beverley Hills, to contribute to one of the articles to be published in the Journal, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America.

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Given the central importance of the “eyes,” meaning the region around the eyes, to facial appearance, the motivated blepharoplasty patient has the opportunity to improve appearance significantly beyond the minimum of age reversal, to reveal inner beauty or add attractiveness. Bright and beautiful eyes have good 3-dimensional contouring. The benefits of a quality eyelid crease enable the surgical focus to be on lid contouring with a reduced requirement for lid skin and fat excision. A durable crease maintains fixation of both the tarsal and infrabrow segments, providing lasting benefits while reducing the possibility of a post blepharoplasty look. The softness of youthful eyes is regained by precise but cautious use of lipofilling. The shape of the lid fold, is important, adding in the concepts of cosmetic makeup illusion.

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