Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do

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There’s a world of difference between mass produced products and an item of exceptional quality: consider the clothing pumped out of factories compared to a personally designed, hand-stitched dress created by skilled people, all dedicated to a perfect result.

It’s a surprise to many that aesthetic facial surgery, including facelifts, also spans this quality divide. Surgeons have differing skill levels and they use a wide range of techniques.


The most commonly used technique – even today, decades after it became outdated – is the basic, ‘one size fits all’ facelift that relies on stretching facial skin. A stretched face is not youthful, and stretched skin soon stretches further.

By comparison, the most advanced, modern facelift technique uses fine surgery deep within the support layer of the patient’s face. It requires a high degree of surgical skill but the result is imperceptible as the result of surgery.

You’ve probably walked past a man or woman who looks attractive and naturally good for their age, and been quite unaware that they have been helped by surgery. You might walk past them again ten years in the future and still think they’re looking good for that age, because the benefits of advanced techniques – like the benefits of a carefully made garment – gently endure. That’s because it was done properly in the first place.

For years, we’ve been discretely helping people to look good for their age.

We call it the Melbourne Look: discrete and attractive. Skin is never stretched, nor are years suddenly and artificially removed. Because the advanced surgical technique is based on intensive research into facial anatomy – and the effects of age on facial anatomy – it restores youthful appearance by working at the site of facial ageing. This enables a subtle restoration of individual facial shape and tone, while gently eradicating the ‘mask’ of tiredness and sagging that ageing has imposed.

That is what our patients seek: an individualised rejuvenation, imperceptible as surgery and with a subtle, enduring result. In short, they like the confidence that comes with looking good for their age, and they want to keep that good feeling into the future. So they can get on with their lives.

Surgery is one important part of the story: patient care is the other part. Long after surgery is just a distant memory, people remember how they were cared for. Facial surgery is a big decision and people need to feel supported at every stage. That’s because as human beings, anything that affects our face affects us as a person. We call it a journey and for many it’s one of the most profound journeys they’ll ever make, often with some surprising psychological insights along the way.

Combining the highest quality surgery with personal post-surgical care means that journey can be one of growth towards new confidence. At the end, people should be emotionally ready and eager to face the ‘real world’ again. Our experience shows that wellbeing and personal care services, like in-house skin care, a physiotherapist, hairdresser and – above all – friendly, experienced people to chat along the way, are integral to the result.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, come and visit us at the Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery. We’ll chat, answer your questions and give you lots of information. You might even like to try our Skin & Injecting Clinic while you’re here.

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